2007 San Juan Island Sea Kayaking High Adventure

Permission Slip

Packing List

Airline Carry-on Rules

Information Email #6 (the last one)

Information Email #5 (final payment and practice)

Information Email #4 (crews and Itineraries)

Information Email #3 (island itineraries and maps, med forms, food)

Information Email #2 (two crews)

Information Email #1 (travel logistics)

Kayaking Route Maps: Cypress Head, Pelican Beach, Obstruction Pass, Spencer Spit

Food Planning

Liability Release Form

Indemnity Waver

Medical Form

San Juan Islands High Adventure Information Packet

Group Email Alias (Please change AT with @)

Rough Itinerary

July 15th: Leave Denver; Group 1 shuttles to Anacortes for kayaking,  Group 2 starts car camping

July 18th: Group 1 and 2 rendezvous and swap roles

July 22nd: Groups rendezvous at airport and return to Denver

Crew 1  (itinerary)

  1. John H.
  2. Craig H.
  3. Eric R.
  4. Matt R.
  5. Kyle Z.
  6. Rick Z.
  7. Neal U.
  8. Steve U.

Crew 2  (crew info)

  1. Nathan K.

  2. Alex Y.

  3. Matt C.

  4. David C.

  5. Eric F.

  6. Greg F.

  7. Tom M.

  8. Trevor M.

For more information, please contact Steve U.