Hey Kayakers,


Just a reminder that the final payment of $275 per person is due before May 30.  If you are going to the committee meeting on the 30th, you can give it to me then.  For those of you that have already paid, thanks.


Next, I would like to start scheduling some practice kayak sessions.  There is a shop in town that rents sea kayaks, with at least one being a tandem (looks like they might have 2 now). They do not have enough to rent for the entire group, so my thought is to rent them for a day, and split the day into 2 groups (not necessarily the same as the crews).  We would practice paddling drills/stokes and rotate through the tandem to practice with 2 people.  We should probably practice rescues as well.  Since this will basically be an all day activity, letís start by looking at weekends starting in June up to the weekend we leave.  I already know June 24 and 30th are not good since this is summer camp days.


So, everyone you must reply back to me and let me know what weekend days are good and which ones are bad.  After I get this information Iíll let you know what days to reserve in you schedules.


Lastly, I have attached a marine chart that shows the islands and camping locations for your viewing pleasure.