Hey kayakers,


I was hoping to talk to some of you last night at the troop meeting, but I ended up helping out at EPIC so I didnít make it.   Thanks to all those of you who have made your airline reservations.


Since I didnít get a lot of help with my last email asking about logistics and suggestions for the non sea kayaking portion of the trip, I would like to have meeting where we can get together and hopefully finalize some details.  I was originally thinking we could meet before the next troop meeting, but I noticed that there is a PLC meeting.  The following week I will be out of town, the week after that is a Patrol week, the next week I will not be here on that Tuesday, and the week after that is a PLC meeting.


We definitely need to meet before May, so I would like to propose that we get together another night within the next couple of weeks.  Please reply back to me and let me know whether you can do this and what nights work best for you?  If not, you may be the one stuck shuttling cars between islands for a week J


This is what I want to discuss:

1) Ideas for the non kayaking days

            Iíll bring some maps/books and other info for some of the ideas Iíve already suggested

2) Logistics for the two crews

            Dividing up the group into 2 crews

            Rental cars versus shuttle van

3) Kayaking training ideas and rough dates

4) Other things I will think of shortly after sending this email