The fun is only a few days away. Hopefully you are starting to get your gear together and not waiting until Saturday night like I will be.


Sorry for sending one more form to sign, but I do need to get a signed permission slip from each scout.  Please print this out and bring it filled out and signed on Sunday.  Greg, can you get Ericís copy and give it to Craig when you see him on Friday?  Eric, Iíll trust that you will have your copy when I see you at the airport!  It will be a shame if you canít make the trip because you donít have the form ;-)


We will be meeting at Linton at 8:30 AM, except for Fischers, Rosings, and Yasamura.  We will be traveling in the Official High Adventure Class B shirts, but you will need to bring your Class A shirts too.


Donít forget to bring some money to cover meals on the road and souvenirs.


For those of you who booked tickets through the travel agent, your tickets are e-tickets, so you do not have a paper ticket and you have been confirmed.  Please remember to bring valid ID for check-in.


For those of you who havenít traveled recently, there are restrictions as to what can be carried on an airplane due to TSA requirements.  Please carefully read the attached TSA brochure for prohibited and permissible carry on items.  Donít forget the 3oz limit on liquids, gels and aerosols which must be in a clear zip-lock.   It is best to put this in your check-in bag unless you will need them during the flight.


Donít forget to attach an ID tag on all bags, checked as well as carry on.


Here is a proposal for drivers to/from DIA.  We can change names around a little, but I want to make sure I took into account the different times and directions people are going before and after the trip.  Let me know if you see anything wrong with this.





From DIA


GregF, EricF


GregF, EricF


MattR, EricR, AlexY


AlexY, NathanK

Tom M

TomM, TrevorM, SteveU, NealU


TomM, TrevorM, SteveU, NealU


CraigH, JohnH, DaveC, MattC


CraigH, JohnH, DaveC, MattC


Rick Z, Kyle Z, NathanK


Rick Z, Kyle Z




MattR, EricR




Here are the cell phone numbers I have received so far:

GregF 651-815-3823

CraigH 970-214-2844

NathanK 970-420-6246

TomM 970-232-6839

MattR 970-227-2206

SteveU 970-227-2780





Steve ďIíll be glad when weíre thereĒ U.