Hi Kayaks,


To summarize from our meeting on Monday and for those who were not there.


Most every one wants to camp at least one night in the rainforest and one on the beach.  Also listed as a high want is to go to Bremerton and visit one or more of the attractions there (Navel Museum, Destroyer or Sub).  To further the planning, we split into the two crews.  These crews are:


Crew 1

John H.

Craig H.

Eric R.

Matt R.

Neal U.

Steve U.

Kyle Z.

Rick Z.


Crew 2

Nathan K.

Alex Y.

Matt C.

David C.

Eric F.

Greg F.

Tom M.

Trevor M.


Crew 1ís tentative plan is as follows:

Monday, 16th

Sea kayak

Tuesday, 17th

Sea Kayak

Wednesday, 18th

            Sea Kayak

            Drive to ONP, Hoh campground

Thursday, 19th

            Hikes in Hoh Rainforest

            Drive to coast, camp on beach

Friday, 20th

            Explore beach, tide pools

            Drive to Camp Parsons and camp

Saturday, 21st

            Drive to Bremerton

            Tour Naval museum

            Tour USS Turner Joy

Sunday, 22nd

            Drive to Airport


Crew 2, can you send me your tentative plans?  If you want to stay at Camp Parsons, let me know so that I can make those arrangements.


Remember if you are planning activities in Bremerton, the USS Turner Joy is open daily 10-5,  the Naval museum is 10-4, and the sub tour is by appointment and only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



I have 2 rental cars reserved, Dodge Caravans I think.


The primary drivers are listed as Tom Mueller and Greg Fischer for the rental cars, since crew 2 will be using them first.  In order for crew 1 to use them, we will need to add 2 more drivers when the cars are picked up.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Steve U.