Summer Camp 1999

Camp Laramie Peaks, WY

The whole groupon our last day of camp.
(Clockwise from far left-Nick, Paul, Eamonn, Nic, Dustin, Andy, Phillip, Drew, Matt S., Thomas, Eric S., Matt R., Brian, Scott S., Colin, John J., John H., David M., and Michael)

Setting up tents

Sitting outside the Dining Hall (clockwise from left: Thomsa, Dustin, Eamonn, Norm, Andy, Phillip, Colin, Scott S., and Eric S.)

The Scouts playing around camp.

Colin and Eamonn providing the entertainment. (Clockwise from left: Matt S., Norm, Loren, Phillip, Paul, Eamonn, and Colin)

Some of the leaders watching the scouts. (from left:Kirk, Jim, Colin, Eamonn, Jerry)

Eating our camp cooked dinners (from left: David M., John J., Michael, Brian and Dustin)

Training session at camp (from left: Ryan, Matt S., Thomas, John J., and Paul)

Eric S. showing some of his Birthday goodies