Summer Camp 1998

Camp Laramie Peaks, WY

Getting ready to leave

In the Linton parking lot getting ready to leave.
(Clockwise from upper left-Terry, Norm, Tim, Dustin, Jim, Matt, Paul, Ryan, Colin, Phillip, Eammon)

Group Picture

Group Picture
(Clockwise from left: Paul, Colin, Phillip, Eric (camp staff), Ryan, Dustin)


Colin putting on his socks


Nic working on his arrow.


Nic shooting a bow during a merit badge session.

Tim and Andy at Mountain Man

Tim (L) and Andy (R) at Mountain Man.


Tim throwing 'hawks


Andy shows his skill throwing 'hawks

Andy and Tim

Tim (L) and Andy (R) in their Mountain Man gear


Andy, Matt, Nic, Colin, Dustin, and Paul get ready to raise the flag.

Saluting the flag during opening ceremony. (From left: Matt, Nic, Colin, Andy, Dustin, Paul)

John teeing off

John tees off on the first hole of the CLP Invitational Golf Tourney.

Formal Group Pic

Around the campfire in our "Class A's" (Clockwise from left: Eamonn, Colin, Paul, Phillip, Andy, Dustin, Nic, Matt, Tim, Ryan.)

We survived!

Packed up and ready to return home! (Clockwise from left: Matt,Terry, Jim, Dustin, Tim, Phillip, Norm, Ryan, Eammon, Colin, Nic, Paul.)