2009 Summer Camp Information

Troop 188 will be attending Summer Camp at BDSR from 7/12/09 through 7/18/09.

1) Please be in the parking lot at 10:00 am. We are leaving from Linton Elementary at 11:00 sharp on Sunday July 12th. It takes a long time to get everyone organized, forms dealt with and gear stowed. Please be on time - if you show up at 10:57 you will delay the whole troop!

2) Bring a lunch. The first meal at camp is dinner so we will eat lunch in camp shortly after we get there or on the road if you get hungry.

3) Class A uniform. We travel to and from camp in Class A uniforms. In addition you will need it for evening flags and dinner. Bring your class B shirt(s) with you for daily wear.

4) Medical forms: I must have two copies of your medical form in my hands on Sunday before you get in a car. If you give me your med forms on or before July 7 (last meeting before camp) I will make copies. If you show up Sunday July 12th with only one copy, you will need to go to Kinko's to make me a copy. No forms, no camp. Seriously...

5) Bring your fun! Frisbees, screaming football throwing things, aerobies, etc

Scout Scheduling Worksheet

Summer Camp Activities

Campers Equipment List

Scout Withdrawal Form

Medical Form

For more information, please contact Ken Colasuonno