2008 LAMI Sailing High Adventure - Travel Plans

Hi all, 

We are confirmed to board the Irving Johnson at 6pm on Saturday, 7/26!

 Now we can plan logistics.  Our plan is a Saturday (7/26) departure from Fort Collins at 11:30am sharp!  A change in plan is that I’ve contacted a travel agent, Ruth Zulauf with Carlson Wagonlit in Loveland, and was able to reserve a block of 30 seats on Southwest Airlines.  Here’s the flight info:

Departure: Southwest flight 877 leaving at 2:20pm and arriving in LAX at 4:05pm.

Returning: Southwest flight 1623 leaving at 8:25pm and arriving in Denver at 11:40pm.

We’re not committed to that many seats, the minimum group is 12.  I need everyone to let me know who will fly with the group, and who would like to make other plans.  FYI: I’ve looked at flights and other than cashing in frequent flyer miles, there’s nothing that beats this.  The group rate for the flight is $303 round trip.  All Scouts need to travel with the group, or with a minimum of two adult leaders.  So far, the only alternative planning I know about is the Lancaster's after we dock.  If you intend to make alternative plans on the front end, we’ll plan on meeting at the LAX Southwest Airline baggage claim at 4:15pm, and leave for the bus as a group.

The 4pm arrival in LAX leaves us 2 hours to get our bags, eat and take the bus from LAX to San Pedro where the ship is docked.  Ruth is getting a bus for us, so we’ll have some flexibility there, as we may decide/want to eat in San Pedro.

For the return trip, we dock by 2:00pm Friday, 8/1.  I’m assuming we’ll take at least an hour to get off and get the boat cleaned up, another hour or two to get to LAX (it’s 24 miles in LA on Friday afternoon) and I want to get to LAX at least 2 hours before the 8:25pm departure flight.  We’ll fit dinner in there somewhere, too. 

If you feel the need to book alternative airlines, it would probably be easier and cheaper if you didn’t, but here’s two options:

FYI: Most airlines have gone to $25 for a second checked bag, and nasty penalties for anything over 50lbs, so be frugal in your packing.

Notes from our Q&A session from last week:

·         Q: Is it a “cruise ship”, do we have to wear life jackets all the time.  BSA requirement is life jackets in small craft and in more than 12 feet of water.

o        A: We’ll check on this.

·         Q: Temps in the Channel Islands?

o        A: LAMI people said same as in LA: hot in July, but cool in the water.

·         Q: Is there a place to rent snorkel gear?

o        A: no need to, there are 8-10 sets on board for free.  You don’t even have to bring your own unless you really want to..

·         Q: Is there a secure storage at the dock (some people staying on an extra week in CA, don’t want to bring everything on board).

o        No.  The official answer is yes, you can leave stuff in their classroom, but it will be in use some days, and they’re not responsible for it so I wouldn’t risk it.

·         Swimming for adults (how to test).

·         Parents over 40 need class 3 medical form and a checkup.  See the troop web site to print the form.

·         Scouts need a physical and form filled out.  See the troop web site to print the form.  You need this for summer camp, too.

·         Fill out national tour permit.  This is a note for me.

 Let me know if you have more questions. 

Best Regards,
Tim Canney