2006 Green River Rafting High Adventure


Permission Slip

Class 3 Medical Form

Hi Scouts and Parents,

Looks like our trip is a go. There are some things we need to work on to get ready for the trip.

First of all, below is the current list I have of those going. I need to firm this up with the rafting company, so IF YOU ARE NOT GOING, I need to know this week. If I don't hear from you, I will assume you are going, and therefore you are paying!

Speaking of finances, the cost of the trip is $200/person. This will cover all campgrounds, food, park entrance fees, the commercial raft trip, river permits, and gas. If we hold the costs down, and there is any money left in the trip coffers, you'll get a rebate at the end of the trip. Due to the uncertainty about gas prices, there is a little cushion in there just in case. First deposit of $100 is due by June 13th. Final payment is due June 27th.

We will have a trip planning meeting at 6:00 before the troop meeting on June 27th to set up patrols, plan menus and to finalize the itinerary. Please be sure to come. Anyone not coming without a really good excuse will be on groover duty. (If you DON'T know what groover is, trust me, you don't want groover duty!)

I've also scheduled some training trips. We need each scout to attend at least one of these training trips before the trip. You are welcome to attend as many as you like, provided there is room. I will be picking boat guides based on how each scout does during the training. We will be bringing two inflatable kayaks along on the trip. Anyone interested in using the kayak will need to let me know and I can do some training and check you out in this craft as well. All the training trips will be on the lower Poudre River. We will meet at Picnic Rock area, just inside the canyon mouth and be rafting from Gateway Park down to Picnic rock. You will learn river safety and etiquette, as well as basic raft guiding skills, paddling and how to read the river. The training trips are as follows:

Please let me know ASAP which ones of these you will be attending. All will run about 4 hours. I will supply all the necessary equipment for the training trips.

Equipment: The only special equipment you'll need on this trip is a life jacket and a dry bag. You can purchase dry bags at Jax or you can make your own by lining a duffle bag with a double liner of heavy duty trash bags. I have some life jackets available, but not enough for everyone. If you have a life jacket, I need to see it on the 27th. Type I or Type V/whitewater are preferred. Ski and fishing vests are not acceptable. If you have questions or want me to look at your jacket, let me know. We are probably going to need some more paddles. If you have any canoe paddles that you can bring, please let me know so I can try to round up any more we may need.

Adults: Please let me know if you can drive and how many you can carry. Also we'll be taking the flat bed trailer, so let me know if you can pull that too. We need one of the adults to row one of the gear boats. We will need a few adults to do the shuttle for the first part of the trip. This would be a great opportunity to fish or just relax. If you've ever rowed a raft and are interested, let me know. If you'd like to learn how to row a raft, let me know and we can do that too. This isn't a particularly difficult river at all, but some basic training on maneuvering. If you are driving I also need to know the GVW of you vehicle. (that's a new one!) There is one very "interesting" bridge at one point and depending on the weight of the vehicles, we may need to take a different route...

I think that's about it for now.

Yours in Scouting,

Frank Lancaster



  1. Rick Z.
  2. Todd R.
  3. Greg F.
  4. Steve U.
  5. Ed K.
  6. Frank L.
  7. Matt R.


  1. Gage W.
  2. Jason C.
  3. John M.
  4. Nathan K.
  5. Daniel K.
  6. Kyle Z.
  7. Austin R.
  8. Eric F.
  9. Neal U.
  10. Ian L.
  11. Eric R.
  12. Josh A.
  13. Josh G.
  14. Mitch K.

For more information, please contact Frank Lancaster