Swimming Merit Badge Homework Assignment


Many scouts participated in the Swimming Merit Badge sessions that were held on Thursday 4/22/04 and Monday 4/26/04.  Most of the scouts completed the skills requirements.  As with many of the merit badges there is also a written session.  None of the boys have done this work. In order to get their merit badge, this work must be completed and turned in to Mr. Martin.

Homework Assignment

1. (Requirement 10c) Write a plan for a swimming exercise program that will promote aerobic/vascular fitness, strength and muscle tone, body flexibility, and weight control for a person of Scout age.  Identify resources and facilities available in your home community that would be needed for such a program.


2.  (Requirement 10d) Write down the incentives and obstacles for staying with the fitness program you identified in requirement 10c (above). Explain the unique benefits that could be gained from this program, and describe how personal health awareness and self-discipline would relate to your own willingness and ability to pursue such a program.