Lake Powell High Adventure Trip

Troop 188 is planning a high adventure to Lake Powell

To be eligible for this trip, the boys must be 13 years old and have the first aid, swimming, life saving, and emergency preparedness merit badges.

July 21st: We will meet at Mr. Martin's House, 2431 Kodiak Rd, at 7:00pm to pack.  Please bring ALL of your gear.

July 22nd: We will leave at 6:00am this morning.  We will not be stopping for breakfast so plan accordingly.

July: 27th: We will return approximately 10-12pm this evening.  Your parents will be contacted by phone with information about when to pick you up.

Original Handout (The dates are wrong but still contains useful information)

Gear list

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Requirements

Permission Slip

All participates are required to bring a completed Class 3 medical form.

For more information, please contact Terry Martin.

Trip Roster

BOYS (10)
Nic B
Michael D
Paul E
John H
Kelly H
Eamonn M
Eric R
Nick S
Gage W
Kyle Z

Norm B
Terry M
Matt R
Kerry W
Rick Z