Green River High Adventure Trip

Troop 188 is planning a high adventure canoeing trip down Green River's Labyrinth Canyon.

We will leave on Friday 6/4/2004 and return on Thursday 6/10/2004.  To be eligible for this trip, the boys must be 13 years old and have the first aid, swimming, life saving, and emergency preparedness merit badges.

May 8th: This activity will be held at Dr. Cranor's  house at 5615 Old Mill Road.  There is a morning session that runs 9-12 and an afternoon session that runs 1-4.  Please bring your PFD to this event.

May 21-23: (Permission Slip) (Pictures) Meet at Linton Elementary School at 4:00. We will be going to Dowdy Lake at Red Feathers to practice tandem canoeing. This event is a dry run for the trip and all people going are strongly encouraged to attend. You should bring all of the gear that you are planning for the real trip. You will need to determine who your canoe buddy is by this weekend so you can practice with them. There will also be a review of knots Friday evening and a test on Sunday morning over the information that is covered in the lectures.

May 27: 4:00-5:30 Meet at Epic to practice canoe flipping.  Please bring your PFD to this event.

June 3: Packing! Meet at Mr. Saltzgaber's house at 908 Parkview Dr. at 6:00 pm.  Bring all of your packed stuff (dry bag, buckets, chair, tent, ...).

June 4-10: (Friday-Thursday): (Permission Slip) (Pictures) We will meet at Linton Parking lot on June 4th at 4:45am.   We will return on the evening of Thursday, June 10th.

Schedule, Gear List, and Maps

Canoe Training

All participates are required to bring a completed class 3 medical form.

For more information, please contact Robert D.

Trip Roster