FARKEL RULES of Troop 188


Game pieces: 6 dice



All players roll one die, high die goes first. (Winner of previous game goes first otherwise)


Point value for dice



You must have 750 points to open. Roll all six dice. Hold the dice that are worth points (keep only the dice you want to keep, but you must keep at least one die worth points to continue rolling). Roll the remaining dice. Continue this until your roll results in no die worth any points ("FARKEL") or you decide not to roll further. If you end up with all six dice worth points then you get to roll all six dice again, adding the score of the previous roll to the new roll.



         1st roll: 6 2 3 1 1 5 You could keep either of the 1's or the 5, all three of these, or any combination of these. If you keep the 1ís and spin four die, your score would be 200.

         2nd roll: 3 3 3 4, You would keep all the 3's, Score would be 500 (200 from 1st roll + 300 from 2nd roll) If this is your first turn or you are not on the "board" yet, you will probably want to stop here. You must have 750 points to get on the "board". You could roll the last die, but if you fail to roll a 1 or 5 then you "Farkel" and lose all the points and your turn.



The goal is to get to 10,000 points. Once a player reaches 10,000 points, play will continue until the rotation comes back to the beginning. (All players get exactly the same number of throws in a game).


Keen Derivative

To make the game even more exciting, you can use this derivative where the points and the roll are passed to the next person.† The next person in line is given a chance to roll the passed dice.† If successful with scoring on this role, this person builds from the previous score and the play continues as normal.


The Doubler Derivative

In yet another derivative, which can be combined with the first, you play with one different colored die.† The game is played normally except when counting points.† In the case when the colored die is being counted, the scoring combination that includes the colored die will be counted as double.